Who Does Nick Pick On The Bachelor 2017 Finale?

Rachel Lindsay's date with Nick Viall was a welcome distraction from all the bickering between Taylor Nolan and Corinne Olympios on the Jan. 30 episode of The Bachelor

Ha - I'm sorry Taylor, but Corrine is way more entertaining. "All season producers would have private meetings with Nick before rose ceremonies to try and help him pick". Is there a relief organization I can donate to that will furnish the Bachelor cast with more substantial outwear? During said rose ceremony, we did get to see Rachel panic about potentially not getting to stay. Rachel gets the week's coveted one-on-one date.

The hostility is palpable as they spy alligators in the swamp before "stumbling" upon a group of Voodoo worshippers whose priestess invites the combatants to a Tarot card reading. Lots of them. Even from Nick. "I think I told Nick I fell in love with him on accident", she later said to the camera, "but it's really how I felt".

The date was a totally standard Bachelor one-on-one, beginning with Nick and Rachel exploring a local market and cutely tasting foods, then moving to the famous Café Du Monde for the promised beignets and joining a Second Line street parade that was casually thrown in their honor. She revealed the last time she was in New Orleans, it was for a funeral. Her parents, like Nick's, have been together for more than three decades, and her dad is a terrifying-sounding federal judge.

Rachel speaks well, she's clearly a family girl, she's successful and she's intelligent.

Based on the teaser trailer for the next episode, Corinne and Taylor will be the ones chosen for the two-on-one date.

For the two-on-one date, two arch rivals are apparently going to battle it out for Nick's heart at NOLA's mystical bayou. Most of the girls are not happy that Corinne Olympios is still around and during the episode that airs on January 30, one girl who has already been eliminated will return to the show and basically say what everyone else is thinking about his sexed-up behavior with Corinne. I guess she could say that. They strolled hand-in-hand and eventually made their way to a cafe. They remain in the house as night falls. She accidentally brought up "the moment [she] fell in love with [Nick]", which prompted Nick to do a double take as Raven continued to plow through her story. As they asked it about "May" it moved around and the lights flickered and went out. Furthermore, the site reports that Nick will give Danielle Maltby the rose for the group date at the haunted plantation mansion. It appears that two of the cast members will be sent home when all is said and done, though it's not clear at this time who will be eliminated. Rachel raved about the Bachelor, while we checked Urban Dictionary to see if "swag" got a new definition. "I don't have a nanny".

"I did not sign up to be part of the Ghostbusters", she says. On the shore, the trio comes upon a voodoo ritual in progress. She asked how to make a voodoo doll for a specific person, completely unrelated to the situation at hand. The rose goes to... Back at the table Corinne is told by the card reader that she may be coming off a bit callous - shocker. Maybe there could be a place for her in "Paradise".

Taylor took a more defensive approach on the infamous date by buttering Nick up and attempting to build on their romantic connection, that had been placed on the backburner ever since the drama started with her nemesis. She knew Taylor was a threat, but one that could be taken down. We have entered a very hard chapter of American history, but it would all be just the slightest, tiniest bit easier for me to bear if I knew that Freeform was going to give Alexis her own dolphin-themed spinoff.

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