GIRLS Finale Recap: Latching

Five seasons ago

She's done it, folks. And that was our introduction to Hannah Horvath. With Marnie, it was always the constant need to be approved both physically and as someone with goal in life, and with Hannah it was always a need for reassurance that someone would be there for her when she was down. The show then comes to an end.

While it seemed the foursome was breaking up for good, Marnie was determined to maintain her status as the best BFF and moved upstate to help Hannah raise the baby. She flees her home and sets out on an accidentally enlightening walkabout that brings the themes of Girls full circle.

"Latching", the series finale, was as fitting an ending as anyone could have asked for. Hannah looking at her friends dancing each in their own distinctive ways - Jessa like nobody was watching, Marnie like everybody was watching and Shosh fixated on a groom-to-be introduced to audiences and Hannah just seconds earlier - before departing New York City for a job that every thinkpiece posted on the internet in the past seven days has already told you both doesn't exist in our current academic climate and wouldn't have gone to Hannah anyway, was a flawless end for the series. They work toward their peace as Hannah climbs the stairs and feeds her son, working toward her own.

That being said, I was surprised to learn that Hannah chooses to keep her unborn child, conceived after a week-long summer fling with a surf instructor who wants nothing to do with her or the baby. It's her. She won friendship. Here, she has a child of her own (Lord help Grover) and that, it seems, is the only thing that will force her to grow up. Grover finally latches. Hannah, in her own eyes, is now truly a mother but still always a girl.

"Fast Car" was stuck in Hannah's head because of Marnie's dogged insistence on singing it in the auto and the finale was an unexpectedly big showcase for Marnie. Marnie's still living with her, impeccably dressed in flowing skirts and feeding her New Age-y baby rearing nonsense while Hannah's sweaty, sore and still bleeding. Loreen is there for Hannah, and Marnie's presence is just bizarre - an attempted echo of Girls' beginning that only served to highlight how fundamentally it's changed. He offers Hannah a ride, but when she refuses, he still follows her behind in his squad vehicle. But despite Marnie's childish getup, Loreen talks to her like she's an adult, because she is, and it turns out Marnie's virtual sex partner is a trainer from Weehawken.

So, yes, Marnie's decision to stay with Hannah isn't all selfless. True to Jemima Kirke's IRL talents, she'll become a painter or something else creative. Mostly, I find it hard to separate Hannah from New York City. She probably would like a man to love her. That included the finale, where Hannah railed to her mother, "No one understands!" - a familiar sentiment, having seen her treat every youthful setback as if she was the first person to face it.

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Grover latched onto her breast, and she latched onto adulthood. She marches off into the neighborhood and meets a troubled, pantless teenager.

"Girls" wrapped with just three key cast members - Hannah, Marnie and Hannah's mother, Loreen Horvath (Becky Ann Baker) - and in hindsight, it's easy to see why.

After six-plus years of arrested development, Hannah's starting to grasp the concept of caring for someone other than herself.

The entire episode takes place in the months after giving birth to her son, Grover, and before she's started her professor gig. Though her father wanted to break it to her gently, her mother couldn't wait.

We knew Shoshanna was totally over the girl group and happily planning her wedding, but last we saw Marnie was at least still invited to the engagement party. The joy of selfless commitment, of putting herself second. Hannah bargains in a way I might have, had my husband mentioned enjoying himself for just one night - does Marnie want to eat cheese at home?

On executive producer Judd Apatow's suggestion, the show's penultimate episode was essentially its traditional finale, wrapping up the four girls' stories and having them all meet up, while the finale was slower paced and more offbeat, with co-showrunner Jenni Konner describing it as "the spinoff that will never be". This all began with her, as well, sitting across Hannah at a dinner in some NY restaurant and informing her that the purse strings were about to be finally severed. But now that most of those friends and lovers have gone by the wayside, Loreen is still here. If anyone can do it, it's this American bitch.

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