Protestors Force Obamacare Repeal Hearing To Recess

Dem senator GOP tax plan is 'far-right Republican scheme' for wealthy

That number could grow as soon as Monday when Maine Republican Sen.

Protestors that showed up to the Senate Committee on Finance hearing on the recent Republican proposal to repeal major portions of Obamacare were so unruly that they forced Sen.

Cruz made headlines on Sunday when he said at the Texas Tribune Festival that the legislation as written did not now have his support, though his answer did not definitively rule out backing the bill and added that he wants "to be a yes". To appease blue-state Republicans, the AHCA contained sweeteners, like a provision aimed at forcing NY to stop collecting funds from local governments to support the state's Medicaid program.

The penalty for companies with 50 or more full-time employees that do not offer coverage also would go away.

Four more rural states get a specific funding boost. Susan Collins of ME has all but closed the door on supporting the bill. Sen. A state-by-state summary claims Alaska would get 3 percent more funding, Arizona would get 15 percent more funding and ME would get 43 percent more funding from 2020 and 2026 compared to current law. She's here to remind senators that even though her daughter's life couldn't be saved, millions of others depend on the kind of care that could be stripped away should Graham-Cassidy become law.

Three rural states, Alaska*, North Dakota and South Dakota, get a "high-spending" funding increase. But it lets some states that turned down extra federal funds to expand Medicaid to count the rejected money in a formula determining how large a state's newly created block grant will be. That seems to be just those three states, when using Kaiser Family Foundation data.

The amendment would have barred NY from receiving federal reimbursements for state Medicaid funds raised by local governments, effectively forcing state officials to choose between collecting the $2.3 billion from its counties or facing a similar cut to the $33.15 billion the federal government contributes to the state. On Monday, a new poll came out showing that only about 25 percent of the public approves the Graham-Cassidy bill, confirming an earlier finding by Public Policy Polling last week. There are just two: Alaska and Hawaii.

Trump said that when President Barack Obama was in office, Republicans voted to repeal and replace Obamacare 61 times. The future of state-based insurance marketplaces, which give consumers a place to shop for coverage, also is unclear.

Changes to the bill over the weekend would lessen the amount of that cut. Those rules include whether insurers can charge different rates for similar people and whether plans must keep certain benefits. "That means more freedom in the marketplace".

Pre-existing condition protections also have a specific word change that may make changing them easier.

Now, the language about waivers is gone in that section. The state did not expand Medicaid, but has a robust insurance market.

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