Ann Curry says she wasn't surprised by Lauer allegations

Ann Curry Matt Lauer Today

Curry added, "We clearly are waking up to a reality and injustice that's occurred for some time".

"I'm not surprised by the allegations", she said, when pressed further about what that meant she replied, "I'm trying not to hurt people".

I'm talking about individuals in a working environment who are abusing their energy and ladies and men are suffering.

Lauer lost his job after an employee filed a complaint about "inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace".

The unavoidable entertainment story of a year ago was the #MeToo movement, an incredible showcase of strength by women who had been disgustingly wronged by men in power, many of whom worked in some subsection of the entertainment industry. "So it hurt, but I'm also proud of myself".

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"You're the only one to ask", said CBS' Gayle King. O'Donnell followed up. "I don't wanna cause more pain... you are asking me a very direct question", Curry said. "It wasn't a fun moment", she revealed. She did not detail examples. She left NBC News in 2015. The network has previously said that "current NBC News management was never made aware of any complaints about Matt Lauer's conduct" before hearing from the woman whose account on November 27 resulted in Lauer's termination later that week.

The TV journalist appeared on "CBS This Morning" on Wednesday where she spoke out about the #MeToo movement and the allegations against her former co-host Lauer, who she had visible on-air tension with during the weeks before her dismissal - and at times when she returned to guest host the daytime talk show. I want to tell you that it was. Yes. "Now I'm walking down that road and I'm trying not to hurt people", she explained. I think it's time. Curry began as a substitute news anchor on Today in 1994 and rose to the position of Today co-anchor in 2011, though her tenure was short-lived and her exit a year later tumultuous.

Curry, who left NBC for good in 2015, will return to television on January 23 with a new six-part PBS docuseries "We'll Meet Again". The series launches January 23.

When asked what led to her dismissal from Today, Curry suggested the hosts ask someone else for more information, because she still doesn't know all of the factors behind it. She started as a desk assistant with the network in Washington, D.C., in 2001. Curry had to know that the topic would come up, but seemed very reluctant to discuss it in any detail or to criticize her former employer, especially on a competing platform.

Longtime executive producer Don Nash is leaving "Today" after almost 30 years working on the program.

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