Salvadorans next for United States deportation machine

US ends special protection for Salvadoran immigrants

The abrupt act adds another easily identifiable and locatable 200.000 persons who have been legally present and living, working and contributing to the United States for twenty years, and potentially their 193.000 US citizen children, to the administration's hate list of "bad hombres", as President Donald Trump was wont to declare during his presidential campaign, and feed the federal deportation and detention machine. They are from my country. The nature of that trade-off is that people who have made homes here will be obligated to leave them in due course. "These women and men of all ages - whom we know as students, teachers, colleagues, parishioners - are faced with a future of uncertainty and grave risk for themselves and their families as they contemplate a return to the violence and impunity in El Salvador".

But once she arrived, she said, it became more hard to return. During slavery days in the 19th century vigilance committees were organized across the North to protect escaped freedom-seekers from recapture by slavecatchers and the agents of Southern slaveholders. The family has also recently appeared on NPR and Buzzfeed.

"It's time to think what other options we have", she said.

Joining us now from Ottawa to talk about this is Alan Freeman.

Nielson's January 8 statement noted her reasons for ending TPS. The department's announcement said El Salvador has gotten significant worldwide aid to help with quake recovery, and the end date is eighteen months away to provide for a smooth transition. The series of earthquakes were so horrific that the USA government quickly granted Salvadorans already or recently arrived in the United States universal support.

"The 200,000 Salvadoran TPS holders does not account for their 195,000 citizen children", Vanessa said. El Salvador had previously received the designation in 1990 after thousands of Salvadorans fled to the USA seeking refuge from a brutal civil war. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Monday said the protected status would end in September 2019. "El Salvador has one of the highest homicide levels in the world and crimes such as extortion, assault and robbery are common".

For the Velascos, the thought of bringing their American children into a world of violence after living in the safety of Brentwood is horrifying.

Donald Trump sits at a desk next to Kirstjen Nielsen
Salvadorans next for United States deportation machine

"Life there is not easy, and the government is not prepared to take people back", she said. "They can ask for your kids, and they can have them".

"I said that I would pull back on that to see how [Ryan] would do". Alianza Americas Executive Director Oscar Chacon issued his own statement.

In the same way, the assistant of the Minister of Immigration, Hursh Jaswal, assured that immigrants who need protection would be allowed to stay, while the others will be "removed" from the country.

In the Newsday article, Patrick Young, program director at the nonprofit Central American Refugee Center in Hempstead and Brentwood, warned that "Anyone who knows anything about El Salvador knows that it has become one of the most risky countries in the world and you are now going to be deporting people who have lived in this country without any criminal background, for the last 20 years on average, to a country where their lives will be in grave danger". "Now that DHS is ending TPS it's time for Congress to act so we can continue to raise our families and contribute to our communities". Their oldest child, Arianna, 17, an employee of The Press, will live with neighbors in Brentwood and hopes to attend U.C. Berkeley should her parents and siblings leave.

"We've been here so long", he said.

"Her life is here", her mother said. "Or do they become undocumented and go into the shadows - which is not just bad for them, but bad for the economy".

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