COCKROACH milk revealed as latest freakish food fad

"As might be expected, the process of 'milking" a cockroach is precise and laborious, ' the website stated.

One researcher told the Times of India, "It contains four times as much protein as cow's milk, three times more than buffalo milk, and also the complete range of amino acids that we have come to associate with milk".

Food trends like cronuts and charcoal come and go, but one freaky "superfood" is back, two years after it first debuted: Cockroach milk.

While cockroach milk is quickly becoming a superfood trend, it is not something you'll find at the local health food store.

At this point the only way to milk a cockroach is with filter paper, putting aside cultures of yeast with the genes for making milk. According to a study of cockroach milk done in 2016, the substance is "like a complete food", with almost four times the protein found in ordinary cow's milk. South African based Gourmet Grubb already make ice cream from "entomilk", milk made from a variety of insects.

It was back in 2016 that a research team at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India said the "milk" from a type of cockroach on Pacific Islands like Hawaii, which give birth to live young instead of laying eggs, was found to have great nutritional value to humans. The company says that entomilk is rich in protein content, as well as iron, zinc and calcium.

Cockroaches have a reputation for being one of the hardiest creatures on the planet. The more energy-dense a product, the more calorific it tends to be (a calorie being a unit of energy) so it's interesting that something that's probably more calorific than regular cow's milk is being hailed as a superfood exclusively based on its energy profile.

So, even though some companies are developing the milk alternative now, there are many questions that have to be answered before it becomes a world wide trend.

A CNN affiliate in Houston reports the Pacific Beetle cockroach produces the milk.

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