These 8 incredible things happen to your body once you quit smoking

Around 315 million people smoke in China consuming more than a third of the world's cigarettes

"Policies that regulate tobacco, promote smoke-free environments and encourage people to quit smoking will contribute to improving the health and well-being of all people".

Of the over 7 million tobacco-related deaths annually, about 3 million are from heart diseases and stroke, and close to 900,000 are non-smokers dying from breathing second-hand smoke.

This year's campaign focuses on the important link between tobacco and heart disease with the theme: "Tobacco Breaks Heart: Choose Health Not Tobacco". The smoke-free products are widely available across the OECD countries today making it convenient for people to switch from local cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

"The worldwide prevalence of tobacco smoking has decreased from 27 percent in 2000 to 20 percent in 2016, so progress has been made", Douglas Bettcher, director of the WHO's prevention of noncommunicable diseases department, told a news briefing.

According to a survey by the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, despite almost seven of 10 smokers in India being aware that smoking is risky, 53 per cent have been unsuccessful in their attempts to quit.

The federal strategy unveiled Thursday aims to reduce the number of smokers by 2035, from the current level of about 15 per cent of the population to about five per cent or less. PMI is calling for an additional, bold approach to public health.

Smoking has been linked directly to two leading causes of vision loss, macular degeneration, and cataract.

Jan Odhano said that the government is responsible for protecting people's health from tobacco exposure and for this goal it has to strictly enforce the tobacco control laws in Pakistan to restrict access to tobacco.

In China, for example, more than six out of 10 people are unaware that smoking can cause a heart attack.

"Although often associated with ill-health, disability and death from non-communicable chronic diseases, tobacco smoking is also associated with an increased risk of death from communicable diseases". The report shows the pace of action in reducing tobacco demand and related death and disease is too slow and not keeping up with global and national commitments to control tobacco use.

There are several factors that have led to the decrease in the number of cigarette smokers.

More importantly, long-term smokers can use them as a substitute for traditional cigarettes to help in quitting the habit or, at least, switch to a less risky alternative.

WHO's survey found that when tobacco usage falls in one country it is usually offset by the consumption of such substances in countries where there are lax regulations and controls on tobacco. In fact, they also integrate the availability of these new devices and products into their anti-smoking policies.

Further, 80 per cent of the more than one billion smokers live in low- and middle-income countries, where the burden of tobacco-related illness and death is highest.

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