WED: FG urged to implement policies on production, use of plastics

India Has Set Example By Committing To Beat Plastic Pollution UN

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu announced Tuesday it would ban the use of plastic items, including nonbiodegradable plastic bags, starting in January.

The theme for this year's World Environment Day is "Beat Plastic Pollution".

Afrasiab from Business Dynamics gave a presentation on biodegradable plastic and said that plastic pollution is a grave issue and as a nation, it is high time to adopt value added solutions like use of biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags.

Besides a problem with plastics, India is also home to some of the most polluted cities in the world.

Cimatu said the easiest and best way to reduce plastic waste is to use reusable alternatives such as eco-friendly tumblers and eco-bags.

Highlighting the menace posed by plastic, he had said that 25,940 tonnes of plastic waste is generated every day in the country with 40 per cent of plastic waste being uncollected, and 60 million tonnes of solid waste is generated in one year.

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The Day has been celebrated across the world to raise awareness on current and emerging environmental issues such as pollution, overpopulation, biodiversity conservation, global warming, among others. Says Indian Institute of Science (IISc.) consultant, Mahesh Kashyap, " The hot food when packed in plastic bags, releases toxic gases, which have a detrimental impact on health".

The bank made the call in a statement signed by its Communication Officer, Climate Change and Green Growth Department, Mrs Sonia Borrini yesterday in Abuja.

"The pollution resulting from plastic use constitutes the biggest threat to environment in Sudan", said Sudan's State Minister for Environment Abboud Jabir Saeed.

He led the sensitisation walk to Jabi Lake, where they cleaned up the plastics in the Lake, saying no effort would be too great in the resolve to improve a lot of the people. The report noted, by some estimates, as many as five trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year. The United Nations has named India as the 2018, and their theme is "Beating Plastic Pollution".

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that there would be more plastic than fish by 2050 if the present trends continue.

"Pledges like this ignore the stark reality of what's happening in this country - we've got plastic waste being stockpiled by councils with no place to go, there are no industrial-scale composting facilities for bioplastic and there are no bans on plastic bags, cutlery and other easy-to-eliminate plastic pollution". He praised India for its growing focus on environmental protection but also noted that while traveling in the country he'd seen "some of the most handsome scenic places, but destroyed by plastic pollution".

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