Theresa May no confidence Brexit vote: Suffolk and Essex MPs react

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a leadership challenge

Ireland has effectively launched separate Brexit negotiations, going over Theresa May's head and appealing directly to MPs.

"The Prime Minister has lost her majority in Parliament, her government is in chaos and she is unable to deliver a Brexit deal that works for the country and puts jobs and the economy first".

"This has been a long and challenging day", she said.

By carefully avoiding offering a specific date on which she would resign, while powering ahead to deliver her own vision of a "softer Brexit", May risks deepening Conservative divisions as the economic pain Brexit is likely to cause hits voters.

The Taoiseach claimed that some ideas "made sense" but others were "difficult".

Asked whether he was willing to risk a no deal Brexit by refusing to bend over the backstop, he pointed out it was "within the gift of the United Kingdom to take no deal off the table".

He added: "It seems to me there is a majority in Westminster in favour of the proposition "there shouldn't be no deal".

Mr Varadkar did maintain his "preferred" option was to ratify the deal already agreed between the United Kingdom and the EU.

And Dominic Raab, the former Brexit Secretary, said on Thursday morning that "it looks very hard to see how this Prime Minister can lead us forward".

Sky News' Europe correspondent Mark Stone said: "This is a very interesting development". We are leaving the European Union in 15 weeks'.

"He added that Mr Varadkar is "very, very worried", adding that there will be no resolution to the backstop this side of Christmas".

Briitish Prime Minister Theresa May is in combative mode saying she will fight the leadership challenge
Briitish Prime Minister Theresa May is in combative mode saying she will fight the leadership challenge

And DUP leader Arlene Foster, who met Mrs May shortly before the ballot, insisted that "tinkering around the edges" of the agreement would not be enough to win her party's support for the deal.

Paul Webb, professor of politics at the University of Sussex, said the vote reflects only what is happening inside the Conservative parliamentary party at the moment.

Labour did not table a motion of no confidence after Mrs May pulled the Commons vote on her Brexit deal, preferring to wait on the sidelines while Tory MPs fought among themselves.

'Whilst I'm grateful for that support, a significant number of colleagues did cast a vote against me, and I have listened to what they said.

Despite the pressure mounting on Mrs May from Brussels, it was a public admission she greeted reporters with that relaxed tensions back home.

Mrs Foster, whose 10 MPs prop up the minority Conservative administration, said she told the PM that "we were not seeking assurances or promises, we wanted fundamental legal text changes".

The Prime Minister arrived in Brussels after surviving a bruising vote of confidence by Tory MPs, saying she would be looking for fresh assurances to help get her Brexit deal "over the line" in Parliament.

Ms Mordaunt was a favourite to take over as leader if the prime minister had been voted out but under the rules, Mrs May can now not be challenged for 12 months.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has tweeted: "It's clear that after Theresa May went back to Brussels today that there'll be no changes to her botched Brexit deal".

"There must be no more dither and delay, or attempts to run down the clock in an attempt to deny Parliament alternative options".

"In my heart I would like to lead the party into the next election, but I accept that won't happen, " she said at the behind-closed-doors meeting in the House of Commons.

Brexit in turmoil as May postpones Parliament vote on it
But critics say it could leave Britain tied to the European Union indefinitely, unable to strike new trade deals around the world. Crucially, Britain could only do this if an exit deal hadn't already been agreed upon.

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